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Available in Rockville, MD, USA and Sydney, Australia

FBI Channeling is required by organizations that qualify for FBI Background Checks through the FBI AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Information System) database to obtain Criminal History Record Information. While a similar process to the standard Expedited Fingerprint-based FBI Background Check, only qualified organizations may request service through FBI Channeling.

Some examples of these types of organizations include:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Mortgage Licensing
  • Housing Authority
  • Other types of Qualifying Agencies

Authxperts submits fingerprint requests through our FBI approved Channeler that will submit the request electronically, directly to the FBI, resulting in a much faster turnaround timeframe. Instead of waiting weeks for the process to be completed, the results can be sent as quickly as 24- 48 business hours. Authxperts is qualified agency to utilize an FBI Channeler for this purpose.

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We can assist American Citizens or Permanent Residents to request FBI Identity History Summary Check reports while they are physically present in US or overseas in much expeditious manner, usually within 24-48 hours. Contact us for details.

Need Apostille on FBI Report or Consular legalization as well? Do let us know. Authxperts is one stop solution to your needs if you intend to use FBI report overseas for travel, tourism visa, student visa, work visa etc. We work with all embassies and consulates in Washington DC for legalizations for UAE, QATAR, Thailand, Vietnam and China etc. We also attend at US Department of State daily for FBI Apostille requests. Call or email for price quote and instructions.

There are various other reasons for which FBI Reports can be requested, some of which are-:

  • Personal Review and Challenge
  • Adoption Requirements
  • Attorney Requests
  • Challenge Errors and Inaccurate Information
  • Court Related Matters

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