Top EU Betting Sites

The European Union could be considered a single entity with respect to financial affairs. That’s thanks to the EU passing economic laws that applies to each of its 28 member states (that will become 27 after”Brexit”). When it comes to sports gambling, the EU members remain independent, with each responsible for creating its own legal framework.
The legality of sport gambling, Consequently, including at sites that are online, varies from nation to nation. Below are the best EU. Below, we set out the legal status of online gaming in the four largest European gambling regions: France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.
As you will see, a legalize-and-regulate approach is taken by every nation to sports betting. But some are much more liberal and flexible with their licensing regime compared to others, and that impacts the amount of legal options available to bettors.
The table below briefly summarizes the position in every country. The resultant sections provide detailed descriptions.

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