ATI/Radeon RAGE 128


Simply turn any folder with a Tresor and put folders in it and they’ll automatically sync with every devices connected to the same account. Encryption is performed before the data gets uploaded on the cloud. Decryption is only possible with permission from your owner and already encrypted contents can be shared without re-encryption, but also in one hundred percent secure way.

Feature List Supports uploading to FTP and SFTP servers Auto-detects servers on the network using Bonjour Safari-like organizable Favorites Searches for remote files by using a powerful, Spotlight-like google search Automatically manages permissions on uploaded images and new folders Elegant, responsive user-interface Stores your login id and password securely while using the Mac OS X Keychain Zip your images, individually or perhaps in an individual file, onMore…

When evaluating the condition of various drives, DriveDx may use different (specialized) heuristic algorithms, with regards to the drive model and in many cases its firmware version. One of the key advantages of the software programs are that the state of HDD and SSD drives is assessed using different algorithms (DriveDx has separate teams of rules and algorithms for HDD and SSD drives), since many state indicators of HDD drives are certainly not applicable or make no sense when it comes to an SSD drive.

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Trillian is a chat application that attempts to integrate a lot of the major chat networks into one application. It allows you to connect, chat and manage your AIM, MobileMe, Bonjour, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MySpaceIM, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger so you can contact friends using only one application. Skype isn’t currently supported.